UA-98578519-1 Episode 8: Tacos, Tinder and Truck Guy

Episode 8: Tacos, Tinder and Truck Guy

January 26, 2017

Prepare your hearts for a deep look into ours. In this week's episode we decide to put it all in the open. We share our guilty pleasures with the world. Whether or not you want to know, you'll hear what Dallas and Conner's secrets are. Dallas scores a once in a lifetime interview with Taco Bell enthusiast, Scott. We learn of a new taco bell item before its even released! Trend Killers makes a killer comeback as we look at the terrible trends of 2017 thus far. We return back to our roots with a brand new story time session with Conner! So prepare your bodies, because this one is gonna be a heck of a ride!


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