UA-98578519-1 Episode 19: “The Ultimate Road Trip”

Episode 19: “The Ultimate Road Trip”

April 19, 2017

Today we're talking about the classic american road trip! We went through and picked a bunch of our favorite spots west (and a few east) of the Mississippi. There's millions of places to cover so we decide to only cover a few of our choices. We tell personal stories of things we did for fun and great memories of great to mediocre locations. Anyone remember South of the Border? Hear the tale of Dallas and his mom befriend the restaurant owner of a small mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Experience Conner's diarhea fiasco on a water slide. Remember the great memories of your own road trips! A shout out to the Roadtrip Nation on Twitter for helping us out this week! God bless the Hellfighters. Link to the google map of our roadtrip locations!  


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