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March 24, 2017

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Episode 15: What You Wish They Knew!

March 23, 2017

This week we cover a somewhat controversial topic. We discuss what girls and guys wish they knew about each other. Maybe its a pretty shallow topic, but hey, we're shallow people. We come up with 10 different ideas we want to communicate across to the other sex! Why is it that men can't read women's minds? Why are men savage beasts? Girls poop? Yeah, that's right. Girls freaking poop.

Its Not About The Nail video



Episode 14: Interview with Matt Farley of Motern Media

March 15, 2017

In this episode we talk to Matt Farley of Motern Media. He has over 70 different band alias's and written over 18,000 songs so far. We discuss some of his most famous songs such as "The Poop Song" adn how the Toliet Bowl Cleaners band came to be. Matt shares some of his inspiration for his songs and advice for those striving to make it in the music career. Be ready to be wowed and amazed at his knowledge of poop and other bodily functions during an exclusive Yahoo! Answers section. Also, get ready to have a story time extravaganza as we each share a different bathroom story. 


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Episode 13: The Sound of Music Feat: Joe Vickrey

March 10, 2017

This week we have special guest Joe Vickrey of Magic Child and the Glass Regime! We discuss his roots and the life of an indie rock star in today's cold and callous world. After a rough and tumble experience including rejection from an idol, Joe has finally achieved his dream of starting a real band. Its his life and mission now and he was more than happy to share his experience with Conner. 


Episode 12: Threat Level Imminence: The Zombie Apocalypse

March 1, 2017

You and I both know its coming. Its in your favorite tv shows, movies, and other media. The zombie apocalypse always seems to be looming upon each and every one of us. Its certain at this point that we must prepare oursevles for the inevitable. With a plan in place, we both discuss and dismantle the plans we have for the apocalypse. Listen as we give our personal advice to some poor souls on Yahoo Answers. Its time to dig into one of the most important episodes of Constant Companion Podcast thus far!

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Episode 11: A Night of Nostalgia

February 22, 2017

Tonight we reminsce primarily in the memories of the mid to late 90's. As we bask in our childhoods, we share our memories of music, toys, television and many a story. Did your mom ever keep you from watching certain tv shows? Mine did, and it was Captian Planet. Did you ever have a Tamagotchi? You weren't missing out on much. Wes's died in its own Feces. The point is, we're taking you back in time and we're not asking your permission to do so!


Episode 10: Highway to the Danger Zone

February 8, 2017

When Kenny Loggins is the intro, you know its gonna be a good time! This episode of Constant Companion Podcast, we discuss the most dangerous points in our lives. From jumping off a deck into a kiddy pool, to driving with a car full of explosives. Did we die? Maybe we did, I guess you'll never know. Unless you listen to this latest installment of Constant Companion Podcast!


Episode 9: A Scout’s Honor and Other Scouting Tales

January 31, 2017

Did you hear? Club Penguin is over. This is the worst news since the results of the Women's march, nothing. In this week's episode, we share a variety of stories from our time as Boy Scouts. We talk about all the great rivalries, friends, and enemies we made during our youth. Being a boy scout may not be all its cracked up to be and its really not cracked up to be much in the first place. Hope you enjoy our latest Episode! 


Episode 8: Tacos, Tinder and Truck Guy

January 26, 2017

Prepare your hearts for a deep look into ours. In this week's episode we decide to put it all in the open. We share our guilty pleasures with the world. Whether or not you want to know, you'll hear what Dallas and Conner's secrets are. Dallas scores a once in a lifetime interview with Taco Bell enthusiast, Scott. We learn of a new taco bell item before its even released! Trend Killers makes a killer comeback as we look at the terrible trends of 2017 thus far. We return back to our roots with a brand new story time session with Conner! So prepare your bodies, because this one is gonna be a heck of a ride!


Episode 7: Fire in the Sky and in Our Hearts

January 17, 2017

In this week's latest episode, we finally discuss the truth that you've been held from. Conspiracy theories galore fuel our conversations as we discuss the movie, "Fire In The Sky". Was it true? Or was it all just a pile of horseradish. We sit down with Conner's long time friend and co-podcaster back in the day, Wes Smith. We give our honest relationship advice to those seeking knowledge from the masters. Wes shares his takes on different theories and shares a very special story from his own life and Hulk Hogan's. Prepare your minds for an exciting episode!