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Episode 27: The Monster Mash

October 13, 2017

This week we discuss everything monster related, from vampires to sasquatches. We also unveil our songs/parodys from last weeks challenge. 


Episode 26: “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

October 2, 2017

Hey Guys,

This week we sit down and tell scary stories! Not only that, but Dallas and I compare our tales to find out who's is the most chilling! Now with state of the art sound effects and royalty free music. We also discuss our personal fears, the common fears of man, and personal tales! Keep a flashlight nearby, because this episode is bound to knock your lights out.




Episode 25: “A vloggin and rompin’ good time” Feat: McKall Willis

August 29, 2017

Hey Guys! 

This week we sat down with up and coming vlogger and youtuber Mckall Willis. She's part of the vlogging phenomenon that has been sweeping youtuber for the better part of the 2010's. She spent time in China, shows of her fashion and her every day life. We sit down to discuss the life of being a vlogger. We also ask about fashion advice for us men to get a better sense of our opinions in this week's trend killers. Finally we end on our classic "yahoo answers" segment where we give advice to blooming youtubers with the help of Mckall and her experience in the youtube game.

Check Mckall's youtube channel out at:



Episode 24: “Trend Redemption”

August 19, 2017
There are some trends and fads that either died to soon or need to be redeemed. In this episode we discuss some of the trends that we feel either need to recaptured in the hearts of the American or to be completely forgotten. 

1) Animatronic Characters

 Just yesterday we heard the disappointing news that with a revamp of Chuck E. Cheese's around the country they will be removing and disbanding the loveable and yet slightly creepy animatronic band that as kids we thought was the coolest band ever. Was this a mistake or was it bound to happen? 
2) Coning

Just like any fad, as we look back on it we are left to wonder ... Why? Why did we participate in this and why was this ever a thing. Coning was one of these fads with participants ordering ice cream cones and then when they are being handed the cone, they grab the ice cream instead of the cone. The shock and confusion factor is what we determined the real benefit of this trend was. 
 3) Planking

This was one of the activities that you would do in a group. You would try and find the most outrageous and random places to plank and take a quick picture. This was one that should and hopefully will be brought back. 
 4) Parkour

As describe by Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) "The goal is getting from Point A to Point B as creatively as possible, so, technically, they are doing parkour as long as Point A is "delusion" and Point B is "the hospital." This was a huge fad and is still continuing on with classes and groups that work on their parkouring skills on a daily basis. 
5) Flash Mob

We all remember the phase the world went through when we would look at our facebook page and every other post is a new flash mob video. If you were lucky enough to participate or witness one than you know it is a special experience. Should this trend make a comeback? 
6) Razor Phones

Razor Phones where the iPhones of the mid 2000's and could be making a comeback soon. According to Metro writer, Rob Waugh, "New Motorola owner Lenovo promises a new RAZR handset next month, which will ‘flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future." Could this be the comeback to this trend from the past?
 7) Roger Shiffman Trendy Toys

 Roger Shiffman is responsible for the creation of some amazing toys that include iconic Furbys and Gigapets. What new, trendy and amazing toy will he make next? 
 8) Tebowing

 Who doesn't remember this Denver bronco quarterback and his reputation for saying a quick prayer when he scored a touchdown and before and after games. This was emulated throughout high schools across the country in a serious and other times mocking manner. Will this fad make a comeback? 

Episode 23 “Summer Lovin’, plus Conan O’Brien Exposed”

June 24, 2017

This week we expose Conan O'Brien's top 20 worst summer vacation spots! As we researched and discussed the spots we discovered that over half of them were made up. We also have two special guest, Lexie and Sophie Underly, as they discuss their summer loves and drug addiction. Yep you heard me right. Enjoy!


Episode 22: “Fidget Spinners Or Hell Portals?”

May 24, 2017

This week we sat down with Wes Smith again to discuss where we've been the past 2 weeks! We want to apologize for the lack of content recently. We're really hoping that things only get more productive! We have an extensive discussion about the advent of Rompers for men and Fidget Spinners. We focus the majority of our time on TrendKillers a segment where we decide what trends live and what trends die! We had a few technical hiccups here and there  but we hope you guys enjoy this episode of Constant Companion Podcast!

Coonbears are real:



Episode 21: “6 Month Extravaganza”

May 8, 2017

It's our first live show! Or at least it was! Thanks for those who tuned in. The ending in this one is a bit abrupt but you can catch the full show on youtube or on our twitch channel where it's all archived. This is the first episode where Dallas and I actually were together in person! So its a special occasion! In this episode we reflect back on our past, play trivia, do live yahoo answers, and even call Conner's mom! Its a fantastic show so strap in!



Episode 20: “The art of the voice!” Feat: Sean Chiplock

April 26, 2017

Hey guys!

 This week we got to sit down with Sean Chiplock! We discuss his work in the world of voice acting! He's done work in Zelda Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Danganronpa, and much more! If you're interested in the voice-over industry, Sean gives us some great tips as to where to get started! We also do a special segment where we all read through a segment from the screenplay of the room! Finally we finish of with a bit of Pokemon talk! We truly hope you guys enjoy this very special episode of the podcast!



Episode 19: “The Ultimate Road Trip”

April 19, 2017

Today we're talking about the classic american road trip! We went through and picked a bunch of our favorite spots west (and a few east) of the Mississippi. There's millions of places to cover so we decide to only cover a few of our choices. We tell personal stories of things we did for fun and great memories of great to mediocre locations. Anyone remember South of the Border? Hear the tale of Dallas and his mom befriend the restaurant owner of a small mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Experience Conner's diarhea fiasco on a water slide. Remember the great memories of your own road trips! A shout out to the Roadtrip Nation on Twitter for helping us out this week! God bless the Hellfighters. Link to the google map of our roadtrip locations!  


Episode 18: Conspiracy Theories 2.0 #NewAndImprove

April 13, 2017

This week Dallas sits down with Kyle Zollinger who is a locally known conspiracy expert in all things doing with the unknown, unnerving and possible truth. Dallin and Brayton join to give their input and additions to discussion. We talk about three theories. 1) 9/11 Conspiracies 2) Where did the 10 Tribes go? 3) BYU Housing. We dive into the depths of interpretation and speculation in this very inclusive and potentially ground breaking discussion. You don't want to miss this important and influential discussion.